While “wellness” may be mainstream now, we’ve spent the last 20 years perfecting it.

The intersection of body, movement and relief.

Total body wellness is not just posture correction and functional fitness, it’s the proper mix of multiple services in conjunction with one another. It’s finding one’s strengths and weaknesses and building from there. By combining proper alignment with corrective exercises to stretch and strengthen your muscles and then adding in manual and pressure point therapy for relief, individuals will find complete physical wellness.

Core Services

Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts that specializes in non-surgical spine care. Treatment involves manual manipulation of the spine, joints, and soft tissues and is based upon the principle that the body can heal itself when the skeletal system is correctly aligned and the nervous system is functioning properly. At OWH we treat the body as a whole. After a complete postural analysis and thorough examination to identify your ailments, a plan is created in order to strengthen weaknesses within your body and stretch where you are already strong.

The Doctors of Physical therapy at OWH specialize in injury prevention, improving mobility, and restoring function to continue daily activities. We recognize that each condition is unique and are committed to providing personalized attention through one-on-one care. We keep up with current research so we can provide the latest treatment methods for a variety of physical conditions and injurires.

After your initial assessment, you will have a full treatment plan that is relayed to all of our instructors. With one-on-one attention you are guaranteed maximum results and a completly individualized program for exactly what your body needs. With a personal training there is no room for error as they are watching and correcting your form. You will be challenged in ways you haven’t been before, without the repercussions of injury.

Acupuncture can stimulate the release of endorphins, improve blood circulation, regulate the immune system, treat stress and anxiety, balance blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure, and modulate many other functions of the body. Stimulation of specific nerve fibers called muscle motor points or junctions can relax a muscle stuck in spasm or strengthen a muscle that is weak due to poor nerve signaling.

GYROTONIC® practice builds core strength, balance, coordination, and agility. Regular GYROTONIC® practice helps to lengthen the spine and strengthen the core to take pressure off of the lower back, which greatly improves posture. A lot of traditional exercises become repetitive and have minimal range of motion. With GYROTONIC®, the constant arching, curling, and spiraling movement from your core, as well as breathing technique helps prevent stagnation in the body. GYROTONIC not only benefits the body, but the mind as well, because it requires the use of the entire body with full focus and attention to specific movements. These workouts are particularly helpful with rehabilitation after an injury, as the movements help to break down built-up scar tissue.

Pilates ultimate goal is to build core strength. Strength is developed by correcting one’s alignment of the spine. Pilates is a full body strengthening system that elongates muscles to allow for greater mobility. Individual sessions are tailored to each patient based on their needs and current level of fitness.

Cupping requires applying a suction force using special glass or ceramic, bulbous cups to various parts of the body. Cups may be left in a static position on a particular sight of injury or applied to lubricated skin and moved in a sliding motion to apply a pulling force along the muscles and connective tissues. Cupping works similarly to gua sha in that it improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and relaxes tight and painful muscles. It is particularly good for treating old injuries and overuse strain. Cupping received greater attention and awareness when many athletes competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics were seen using it.

Alpha Hydration Services is your personal wellness, vitamins, and hydration company. We come to you, in the comfort of your home or you can come to us and discuss your wellness needs. We have IV vitamin infusions, IV hydration, Vitamin booster shots and can customize our formulations to get the most benefit for you. We can address fatigue, jet lag, chronic dehydration, nausea, party recovery and even offer weight loss and beauty injections and infusions. Wellness begins at the cellular level with proper nutrition, vitamins and hydration. We are experts in IV infusions and our experience is unparalleled. ER physician and ER RN owned and operated. We are excited to share our expertise, knowledge, and wellness plans with you. Call for a free consultation and discuss your wellness goals.

Core Services

Gym meets Medical

Your gym routine should should be informed by any pre-existing conditions, injuries or XXX. So in order to get started, one of our professionals will examine XXXX

Womens health

OWH offers a variety of specialty services that are unique to the female patient. Treatments range to help a woman at any stage in her life. Helping to prepare her for pregnancy as well as recuperating afterwards. There is rehabilitation for any number of women specific surgeries.

Services for Women

Pre and postnatal Pilates focuses on keeping the muscles of the pelvic floor strong in order to expedite recover post baby.

Pre and postnatal gyro helps maintain proper mobility of the body in pregnancy so as to prevent injury due to loose ligaments. Because of the relaxin hormone pregnant women's ligaments put excess strain on their joints while the muscles stay tight.

Having more muscle mass and flexibility aids in post surgical recovery

Services for Women