Get the lowdown.

How are you handling complinace with COVID-19?

  • No more than 5 patients/clients in our private training gym and pilates studio at a time. It is often less than that, as all of our services are one-on-one.
  • We are maintaining 6 foot distancing at all possible opportunities.
  • All staff, physical therapists, and doctors will have their mouth and nose covered with a mask or bandana.
  • An extra hand washing station is available to all patients, in addition to hand sanitizers placed near all entrances to the office and treatment rooms for both staff and patient use.
  • To keep a safe and sterilized environment for patients, we have two cleaning crews in the office per day. All equipment and treatment rooms are regularly wiped down in between each patient with medical grade cleaning supplies but the additional cleaning crew ensures extra deep cleaning of all high contact and frequently used surfaces, and ensures the cleanliness of lesser used areas as well. This will continue moving forward as a regular cleaning routine.
  • We are asking that any patients who are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness, fever, or cough please let us know so appointments can be rescheduled.

Do you offer Telehealth

We are offer Telehealth sessions for anyone who needs physical therapy. This can be beneficial for continuing the rehab process without losing progress or regressing. Most insurance companies are paying for these visits but please inquire in advance with your insurance if Telehealth is covered on your plan for physical therapy.

Do you accept insurance?

We accept most PPO insurance plans and Med-pay. Due to the economic crisis we are facing as a result of COVID-19, some out of network co-pays can be reduced. Please inquire if this could apply to you.

What does the initial consultation include?

An initial consultation with Walker Ozar,D.C. includes a full evaluation, a 30 minute therapeutic massage to the area of complaint, electrical stimulation, heat and a chiropractic adjustment if warranted. A full treatment program/plan will then be presented.

Why do I need an assessment before I start working out?

At Ozar Wellness House we acknowledge that every individual is unique in their structure and function. By assessing each patient, our Doctors have insight as to functional limitations or impairments that may be present. After an assessment, Dr. Ozar, one of our Physical Therapists or a Licensed Acupuncturist can then create a personalized treatment plan and training program that focuses on strengthening weakness and stretching the tight muscles. With a personalized and detailed plan, you can be sure to stay away from that may harm the body.

Can I pay a rental fee to train my client in the gym

Yes, we charge $45 per hour.